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Conference: Mirror symmetry and applications

Dec 12-19, Higher School of Economics, Steklov Mathematical Institute

Conference site

Recently there has been a significant progress in the theory of Landau-Ginzburg models and applications. Let us mention a few — categorical invariants were defined, the theory of perverse sheaves of categories has been developed, the Katzarkov-Kontsevich-Pantev conjectures were proven in some cases. This conference will serve as a perfect opportunity to disseminate and develop further obtained results.

The conference will open with a talk by T.Mochizuki on Dec 12th at the Steklov institute.

Venue. Dec 16-17: Higher School of Economics, Usacheva 6, Moscow,
Dec 12-15, Dec 18: Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkina st., 8, Moscow.

Organizers: Chris Brav, Sergey Galkin, Ludmil Katzarkov, Victor Przyjalkowski.

Talks: titles and abstracts

Schedule: timetable

Poster: [2.2Mb]

Confirmed participants:

  1. Hulya Arguz (Imperial College London)
  2. Matthew Ballard (South Carolina)
  3. Alexander Belavin (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics)
  4. Anthony Blanc (SISSA Trieste)
  5. Agnieszka Bodzenta-Skibinska (University of Warsaw)
  6. Alexey Bondal (MI RAS and NRU HSE Moscow; Kavli IPMU Kashiwa)
  7. Ben Davison (Glasgow)
  8. George Dimitrov (Vienna)
  9. Richard Eager (Heidelberg)
  10. Alexander Efimov (MI RAS and NRU HSE, Moscow)
  11. Lino Grama (Campinas)
  12. Fabian Haiden (Harvard)
  13. Paul Horja (Miami)
  14. Hans Jockers (Bonn)
  15. Timothy Logvinenko (Cardiff)
  16. Valery Lunts (Indiana and NRU HSE Moscow)
  17. Takuro Mochizuki (RIMS Kyoto)
  18. So Okada (Oyama)
  19. Alexander Petkov (Vienna)
  20. Andrea Petracci (Nottingham)
  21. Daniel Pomerleano (University of Cambridge)
  22. Mauro Porta (University of Strasbourg)
  23. Mauricio Romo (IAS Princeton)
  24. Emanuel Scheidegger (Freiburg)
  25. Yota Shamoto (RIMS Kyoto)
  26. Evgeny Shinder (Sheffield)
  27. Nicolo Sibilla (Kent)
  28. Leonardo Soriani (Vienna)
  29. Theodore Spaide (Vienna)
  30. Alan Thompson (Cambridge)
  31. Johannes Walcher (Heidelberg)
  32. Junho Peter Whang (Princeton)
  33. Tony Yue Yu (Paris-Sud)

On Dec 12-14 Takuro Mochizuki will give a mini-course of 3 lectures, with the first lecture on Dec 12 at 15:00.


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